Complete each statement.
Complete the sentences using one of these verbs in the correct form, present or perfect:

cause            damage            hold            invite            make
overtake      show            surround      translate      write

The first sentence has been done for you.


Many accidents are caused by dangerous driving.



Cheese ___ from milk.



The roof of the building ___ in a storm a few days ago.



You ___ to the wedding. Why didn’t you go?



A cinema is a place where films ___.



In the United States, elections for president ___ every four years.



Originally the book ___ in Spanish, and a few years ago it ___ into English.



Although we were driving quite fast, we ___ by a lot of other cars.



You can’t see the house from the road. It ___ by tress.

Write questions using the passive. Some are present, and some are past. The first question has been done for you.


Ask about glass. (how/make?)
How is glass made?



Ask about television. (when/invent?)



Ask about mountains. (how/form?)



Ask about Pluto (the planet). (when/discover?)



Ask about silver. (what/use for?)

Put the verb in the correct form, present simple or past simple, active or passive. The first two sentences have been done for you.


It’s a big factory. Five hundred people are employed (employ) there.



Did somebody clean (somebody/clean) this room yesterday?



Water ___ (cover) most of the earth’s surface.



How much of the earth’s surface ___ (cover) by water?



The park gates ___ (lock) at 6:30 p.m. every evening.



The letter ___ (post) a week ago, and it ___ (arrive) yesterday.



The boat hit a rock and ___ quickly. Fortunately everybody ___ (rescue).



Richard’s parents ___ (die) when he was very young. He and his sister ___ (bring up) by their grandparents.



I was born in London, but I ___ (grow up) in Canada.



While I was on holiday, my camera ___ (steal) from my hotel room.



While I was on holiday, my camera ___ (disappear) from my hotel room.



Why ___ (Sue/resign) from her job? Didn’t she enjoy it?



Why ___ (Bill/sack) from his job? What did he do wrong?



The company is not independent. It ___ (own) by a much larger company.



I saw an accident last night. Somebody ___ (call) an ambulance, but nobody ___ (injure), so the ambulance ___ (not/need).



Where ___ (these photographs/take)? In London? ___ (you/take) them, or somebody else?



Sometimes it’s quite noisy living here, but it’s not a problem for me. I ___ (not/bother) by it.

Rewrite these sentences. Instead of using somebody, they, people, etc., write a passive sentence. The first sentence has been done for you.


Somebody cleans the room every day.
The room is cleaned every day.



They cancelled all flights because of fog.
All ___.



People don’t’ use this road much.



Somebody accused me of stealing money.
I ___.



How do people learn languages?
How ___?



Somebody warned us not to go out alone.


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