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ENG 097 Practice Quiz 1
ENG 098 Practice Quiz 1

TOEFL Practice Exam
Structure and Written Expression

The Midterm
If you have attended each class and have done your homework, you are prepared for the midterm exam. In class, you have practiced skills that will be tested on the midterm. For example, you have practiced skimming and scanning as well as deciphering meaning through context. Outside the classroom, you have continued to practice by doing your homework. For example, your may have combined simple sentences into compound sentences. However, if you want to practice some more, there are interactive exercises below that will help you to do so. For complete information on what chapters/units/handouts will be covered, check your course calendar.

ENG 097
Compound Sentences: Combining Sentences
Compound Sentences: Combining Clauses: Coordination - Click on "Coordination"
Error Correction
Fixing Fragments
Listening Practice 1: Film Fanatics
Listening Practice 2: Anger Behind the Wheel
Modals Practice 1
Modals Practice 2
Reading 1 Practice and Key
Reading 2 Practice
Review of Modals
Subject-Verb Agreement Practice 1
Subject-Verb Agreement Practice 2

ENG 098/102
Adjective Clauses
Adverb Clauses
Compound and Complex Sentences
Infinitives Practice 1
Infinitives Practice 2
Listening Practice 1: S.E.T.I.
Listening Practice 2: A Survival Story
Parallelism Exercise and Key
Reading 1 Practice and Interactive Quiz
Reading Practice 2

ENG 100
Article Adjectives
Commas (Interactive exercises are at the bottom of the page.)
Comma Splices and Run-On (Fused) Sentences
Present Progressive Tense
Present Perfect  and Present Perfect Progressive (Continuous) Tenses
Passive Voice
Prepositions with Time and Place
Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement
Pronoun Reference
Reading Practice 1
Reading Practice 2
Reading Practice 3 and Interactive Quiz
Subject-Verb Agreement

Practice Tests
March 7, 2009