Interpret Common Features: Exercise 4

Match sentence parts A through F with the appropriate parts in 1 through 6.
Because there has recently been a great influx of funds into genetic research,
Medicine is almost certain to benefit greatly from the new discoveries and, moreover,
Even though plenty of money is now available,
At this stage, biological engineering on a commercial scale is a highly risky venture; for all that,
Problems are posed by the number of gene combinations involved; in addition,
There are biological complexities involved which make such research risky as a commercial venture, not counting


the engineering difficulties in scaling up from the laboratory to large production facilities.


there are likely to be a number of industrial applications too.


several recently formed companies in the field are already valued at hundreds of millions of dollars on the New York Stock Exchange.


many new and probably surprising developments in medicine may be expected.


there are engineering difficulties to be overcome.


enormous problems must still be overcome.

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