Use Reduced Adjective Clauses Correctly

Each of the following sentences contains an adjective clause, in a complete or reduced form. Indicate if the sentences are correct (Yes) or incorrect (No).


We will have to return the merchandise purchased yesterday at the Broadway.


The children sat in the fancy restaurant found it difficult to behave.


Serving a term of four years, the mayor of the town will face reelection next year.


The brand new Cadillac, purchasing less than two weeks ago, was destroyed in the accident.


The fans who supporting their team always come out to the games in large numbers.


The suspect can be seen in the photographs were just released by the police.


The food placing on the picnic table attracted a large number of flies.


Impressed with everything she had heard about the course, Marie signed her children up for it.


The passengers in the airport waiting room, heard the announcement of the canceled flight, groaned audibly.


Dissatisfied with the service at the restaurant, the meal really was not enjoyable.

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