Invert the Subject and Verb with Comparisons

Each of the following sentences contains a comparison. Indicate if the sentences are correct (Yes) or incorrect (No).


This candidate has received more votes than has any other candidate in previous years.


Obviously we were much more impressed with the performance than did the other members of the audience.


The film that we saw last night at the festival was far better than any of the other films.


The vegetables at the market this morning were far fresher than were those at the market yesterday.


I am afraid that is the condition of these tires as bad as the condition of the others.


We firmly believed that our team could achieve a much faster time than any of the others.


This apple pie is not as good as the last one that you made.


On the fishing trip, Bobby caught twice as many fish as anyone else did.


The final speaker gave us more details than had any of the previous speakers.


Do you know why does he need to sleep so many more hours than do the others?

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