Use Parallel Structure with Coordinate Conjunctions

Each of the following sentences contains words or groups of words that should be parallel. Indicate if the sentences are parallel (Yes) or not parallel (No).


She held jobs as a typist, a housekeeper, and in a restaurant.


The report you are looking for could be in the file or on the desk.


She works very hard but usually getting below-average grades.


The speaker introduced himself, told several interesting anecdotes, and finishing with an emotional plea.


You should know when the program starts and how many units you must complete.


The term paper he wrote was rather short but very impressive.


She suggested taking the plane this evening or that we go by train tomorrow.


The dean or the assistant dean will inform you of when and where you should apply for your diploma.


There are papers to file, reports to type, and those letters should be answered.


The manager needed a quick but thorough response.

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