Use Parallel Structure with Paired Conjunctions

Each of the following sentences contains words or groups of words that should be parallel. Indicate if the sentences are parallel (Yes) or not parallel (No).


According to the syllabus, you can either write a paper or you can take an exam.


It would be both noticed and appreciated if you could finish the work before you leave.


She would like neither to see a movie or to go bowling.


Either the manager or her assistant can help you with your refund.


She wants not only to take a trip to Europe, but she also would like to travel to Asia.


He could correct neither what you said nor you wrote.


Both the tailor or the laundress could fix the damage to the dress.


He not only called the police department but also called the fire department.


You can graduate either at the end of the fall semester, or you can graduate at the end of the spring semester.


The movie was neither amusing nor was it interesting.

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