Form Comparatives and Superlatives Correctly

Each of the following sentences contains a comparative or superlative. Indicate if the comparative or superlative is formed correctly (Yes) or not formed correctly (No).


Oxygen is abundanter than nitrogen.


The directions to the exercise say to choose the most appropriate response.


The lesson you are studying now is the most importantest lesson that you will have.


Fashions this year are shorter and more colorful than they were last year.


The professor indicated that Anthony’s research paper was more long than the other students’ papers.


Alaska is the coldest than all the states in the United States.


The workers on the day shift are more rested than the workers on the night shift.


She was more happier this morning than she had been yesterday.


The quarterback on this year’s football team is more versatile than the quarterback on last year’s team.


She always tries to do the best and most efficient job that she can do.

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