Recognize -ly Adjectives

Each of the following sentences contains at least one adjective or adverb ending in -ly. Indicate if the sentences are correct (Yes) or incorrect (No).


Federal taxes are yearly taxes which must be paid every April.


At the fashion show, the new seasonally fashions will be shown.


Do you want to go to the early movie or the lately movie?


She offered me some friendly advice about how to deal with the terribly problem.


The quarterly reports need to be turned in at the next weekly meeting.


He did not have a manly reaction to the negatively comments.


The likely outcome of the purchase of the costly car is that he will not be able to pay his monthly bills.


The days she spent at the beach house were lonely and solitarily.


She takes her daily medication on a regularly schedule.


The kindly neighbor paid hourly visits to her unhealthily friend.

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